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Reviews for Orchard Ridge Apartments

Posted On: 7/16/2018

Best Apartments ever

I'm not really someone who writes reviews for most places, bit for this Place I will. I've lived in many different apartments in many states and most places I lived in were always either dangerous, overpriced, noisy, poorly maintained or just all of the above really. If there was one thing all of them had in common, was that the management was rude, didn't care for their residents and just plain unprofessional, and I was expecting no different when I was going to meet visit these apartments but... I was shocked. When I got there the first thing I noticed was the property was very nice looking, very clean, and well maintained, I was impressed on how well they kept up with the place. When I had gone inside the office and first met Jami (the manger), needless to say I was shocked. She was curious, professional, polite and just plain welcoming, and not just to me but she treated my family the same way as well. She went over many different options for apartments and pricing, she really put in an effort to find the perfect one for my family and always make every one of us comfortable just being there. Every time we go to the office to pick up a package or anything, we are always being welcomed by either her or by the other staff member from maintenance. I will always be recommending this place everyone I know looking for an apartments and I’ll tell them the same thing, Customer service is awesome, place is well maintained, prices are great and the management and staff is the best there is.
By: David   
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Posted On: 2/20/2018


I had a work request for my garbage disposal. Service was very fast and efficient. I also was informed of how I might have caused a fire from my stove. Abel explained to me that putting foil on the drip pans could cause a fire. They haven't been put back since. That was a very good lesson that I'd never thought about. Thanks for the education tip and appreciated.
By: Kim J     Verified Resident
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Posted On: 11/11/2017

Orchard Ridge Review

Orchard Ridge has a great community with a layout that is very spacious and comfortable. It is all held together by an amazing property manager Jami. Puts me at ease knowing that my home is in such good hands and any concerns or questions are addressed with professionalism and courtesy by her. I would recommend anyone to live here.
By: Michael Craw     Verified Resident
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Posted On: 11/9/2017

So happy in my new home.

I just moved to Orchard Ridge and I absolutely could not be happier. Jami made the application and moving in process super easy and painless. Abel is quick and efficient like a maintenance ninja. Won't you be my neighbor?
By: Henry DeCherney     Verified Resident
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Posted On: 2/3/2017


I'm glad Jamie was brought aboard the Orchard Rigde family she made everything I needed seem easy. She was so helpful in my transition. Also she brought consistency to that office, always available or followed up when I need her with a smile. She is one of the reasons why I continued to stay with Pinnacle! Thanks Jamie!!
By: Aisha Nunley     Verified Resident
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Posted On: 1/3/2017


When the new manager first came in, I thought she was from hell. But, as time went by she became friendly and warm and welcoming and loving. The rent is going up but the place is not so modern though. Hot tub is not available for after hours when folks want to use it. 'Obviously the pool is cold now.' But all in all I love Lynnwood so no complains for now. I only wish the prices won't go up for the not so modern facilities.
By: Anonymous     Verified Resident
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